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Is One-Way Interviewing the Future of Hiring?

One-way interviews have been a subject of discussion among some of my Insta fans who have emailed me about it. Personally, I believe that it's something we have to get used to, even though the process lacks interaction and the ability to build rapport. It also opens the door to potential bias.

However, there are some positives that can be attributed to one-way interviews. For instance, they can save time and streamline the hiring process for both candidates and employers. It allows candidates to showcase their skills and qualifications in a convenient and efficient manner.

That being said, it is important to acknowledge the limitations of one-way interviews and ensure that they are not solely relied upon in the hiring process. In-person or live video interviews still hold value as they provide an opportunity for real-time interaction and a better understanding of a candidate's personality.

In conclusion, I would have to say while one-way interviews may have their advantages in terms of efficiency, it is crucial to strike a balance between convenience and maintaining meaningful human connection during the hiring process. #onewayinterview

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